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We, the HighTech Irrigation (Pvt.) Ltd. are an irrigation company specialized in micro irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems, dust suppression systems, green-walls,water features and landscaping etc. We use world-renowned brands and state-of-the-art technology for our irrigation systems. Our well-trained and competent technical team is dedicated to deliver all your irrigation needs at your door-step and we assure you of the best possible after sales services for our systems.

Our S3 Concept

  • Save Water
  • Save life
  • Save the World

Drip irrigation is a type of water for plants that not only saves water, but many believe is better for the plants as well. Rather than using a hose and drenching the plants in water every day, you simply allow the drip system to slowly drip water on to the soil, that than makes it’s way down to roots. This is a great way to conserve water, which is something we should all be thinking about.

Our mission at High Tech Irrigation Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. is to Satisfy our customers needs to the budget.

Profitably providing defect-free, high-value products and services that promote the intelligent use of water for worldwide irrigation applications.

Achieving customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Being a responsible employer respected by employees and the community of irrigation.

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Automatic Fertilizer System and watering systems

One of the problems we have with gardening is that we are not good at the mundane tasks of watering and weeding. we’ve got too many other things on our plates, so we try to avoid doing anything extra.

Since watering and fertilizing are the most time-consuming tasks you have to do in the greenhouse/Net house, it makes sense to try and automate a system to do both.

Fortunately, once you install a good automatic watering system you are half-done with automating a fertilizing system as well. The most efficient way of distributing fertilizer to your greenhouse/Net houseplants is to do it together with water directly to the roots of plants.

Advantage – Prevents Chemicals contamination.


Civil Construction

Civil engineering is the oldest disciplines of engineering. Since the very beginning of the human existence, it has been the aspect of life. One of the main aspects of civil construction is structural engineering. Constructing and maintaining the physical and naturally built environment. It helps in designing the structure in a way that it is able to support itself successfully
In today’s society, there are huge projects meant for civil construction and engineering. The infrastructure used in our daily lives all has been created because of civil construction and engineering.

The roads, railways, bridges, dams, stadiums, harbors, schools, airports, canals, Tank Pads, and other buildings constructed all are a contribution to civil engineering.


Water Features (Water Curtain)

In basic terms, a water feature is a landscape enhancement that uses water and other materials to bring beauty and tranquility to the environment. There are many Types of water features for gardens include ponds, waterfalls, water curtains, aquatic gardens and fountains.


Dust Suppression Systems

Dust control systems are becoming more prevalent in industry processes and are an important tool when it comes to meeting Occupational Health, Environmental and Health and Safety guidelines; protecting the workforce and reducing site air pollution and emissions. The issues with dust control extend across global market.

The principle is to reproduce a natural phenomenon artificially in which, the nozzles eject tiny droplets of water and the droplets capture the dust particles in the air making them sink to the ground.


Misty System for Humidity Control for Mushroom, Bird Nest & Green House

The concept of misting was born out of evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling was used before air conditioning became available, and is still used today in businesses, homes, and nurseries, as an alternative to air conditioning.

Misting, however, was developed for a different purpose and that was to create cooling in an outdoor environment. Mist Sprayers are designed to deliver a fine mist to any plant-life, patio or landscaping your need. They can be mounted to a variety of stakes or mounted onto the mainline tube itself. A variety of different flow rates are available as well as different misting patterns.


Our Procedure

1. Designing

    1. We evaluated many companies and their distributors; in the end, it was obvious that High Tech Irrigation Private Limited, solution along with Rain Bird product was the best match for our project.
    2. High Tech Irrigation Private Limited has supported our system for years…there was no doubt in my mind that we would be working with them during our irrigation renovation.
    3. Wijendra has always been there for us…to make sure we were satisfied. With our current irrigation renovation, I chose to stick with High Tech Irrigation Private Limited along with their Jain/ Rain Bird system simply knowing that Wijendra and his team would always be there for support.

2. Planning

  1. High Tech Irrigation Private Limited has met and exceeded the expectations we have laid before them time by time again. We highly recommend them for all kinds of earthmoving needs you may have in your own business. You will not be disappointed!
  2. We wish to thank you and your team for the outstanding effort and dedication to excellence on our project. We were surprised and delighted with the professionalism and dedication to quality that your team showed during the project.
  3. It was a big deal choosing the right earthmoving company for Excavation task. There were so many names on the list, where do I start? We hired High Tech Irrigation Private Limited at Mullegama, Homagama, for Excavation in Hard Rock. From the start to finish they were professional and showed a sense of pride in what they were doing.

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